Leadership Resources

Volume 1: 21 Articles on Marriage, Parenting and Forgiveness

Various Authors

21 Articles on Marriage, Parenting and Forgiveness, including:

  • "Sexual Relations in Marriage" by John Piper
  • "Maturing of a Marriage" by William G. Johnson
  • "Encourage the Young Women" by Carla Peer
  • "Helping Children say "No" to Promiscuity" by Josh McDowell
  • "Discipline-Motivation to Holiness" by Bill Mills
  • "Meet Zebedee: Five Star Father" by Ted Randall
  • "Fathers are Teachers" by Joel Nederhood
  • "Forgiving Others" by Charles Stanley
  • "A Brief Comment on 1 John 1:9" by John Stott
  • "Christ's Word on Forgiveness" by A.W. Pink
  • "Forgiveness: The First Note of My Song" by Charles Spurgeon


220 pages

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