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A Gospel Worthy of Your Life: Orienting Every Resource, Attitude and Passion Around the Cross

Bill Mills

The paperback version of A Gospel Worthy of Your Life is available on Amazon.

How do you disciple a church to give themselves wholly to the gospel?As we walk through the book of Philippians, we will hear the Apostle Paul teaching this beloved church what it means to partner together in the gospel.This Bible study is designed as a resource for churches, small groups and classes as they grow with one another in evangelism, missions and worship. Consider it a strong and encouraging personal devotional tool as well.


•God has been building in your life a unique platform for the gospel

•God has designed suffering as His means of carrying the gospel to the world

•Our great enemy seeks to distract you and your church from the gospel

You can be set free from the past so that you can give yourself to the gospel


Bill Mills and his wife Karen are the founders of Leadership Resources International, a global mission based in Chicago, Illinois. Bill’s career has been focused on encouraging churches in the West and equipping pastoral leaders in the developing world. Bill also serves as a staff pastor in his home church.