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The Blessing of Benjamin: Living in the Power of Your Father’s Approval

Bill Mills & Peter Luisi-Mills

When the Children of Israel went into the Promised Land, Moses blessed the Tribe of Benjamin by saying: “Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in Him for He shields him all day long. And the one the Lord loves rests between His shoulders.” This devotional Bible study will open to you an understanding of God’s blessing on your life and encourage you to see yourself through His eyes. The Blessing of Benjamin will enable you to live in the power of His approval, and to pass His blessing on to your children.

207 pages
includes group study guide

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About the authors:

Bill Mills is the founder of Leadership Resources International, a global mission based in the Chicago, Illinois area. Bill's career has been focused on encouraging churches in the West and equipping pastoral leaders in the developing world. Bill also serves as a staff pastor in his home church.

Peter Luisi-Mills is a teacher and writer who has served with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and with the U.S. Peace Corps in Bangladesh. He resides with his wife, Helyn, in Madison, Wisconsin.