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Language of the Heart: 20 Worship Prompters & Meditations on Prayer

Bill Mills

Why is prayer the language of the heart? When we bring our worship or our petitions before the Lord, we can, of course, often express them on a very intelligent level. The words flow freely. But when we think of God’s grace poured out to us at the cross, or His steadfast love, we often feel like Bernard of Clairvaux:

What language shall I borrow to thank thee, dearest friend
For this thy dying sorrow, thy pity without end?

Sometimes we experience the awe and wonder of a child when we contemplate God’s deep and mysterious mercies, and we cannot find the words to express our love and gratitude to Him. And then, when we want to bring the groanings that cannot be uttered, the cries of our hearts and the supplications of our souls, we need a language that goes beyond speech that is sufficient for this world. We need the language of the heart!

Prayer is the language of communion and intimacy, of joy and worship! Prayer carries the cries of children to their heavenly Father, the devotions of hearts filled with love, and the thanksgivings of a grateful people.

About the author:
Bill Mills is the founder of Leadership Resources International, a mission agency committed to launching pastoral training movements worldwide. Bill's career has been focused on encouraging churches in the West and equipping pastoral leaders in the developing world. Bill also serves as a staff pastor in his home church.

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